Finger on Tongue 12″ Vinyl


Finger on Tongue is an experimental electronic journey, weaving introspective lyrics and intricate soundscapes. Co-produced partly with my friend and musical partner, Maxime Graf, the album balances moments of tranquillity with bursts of chaos, some tracks offer softness and peace while others invite you to dance.

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Sunna Margrét – Finger on Tongue

12″ LP edition of 300

Release Date: 28.03.2024


A1 – Chocolate
A2 – Come With Me
A3 – Í Kviði
A4 – 4 Year Itch
A5 – Figure
B1 – Hibiscus
B2 – I’ve Been Drinking
B3 – Those Who Wonder
B4 – I, Here In Distance

All songs written and produced by Sunna Margrét
except Chocolate, Figure and I’ve Been Drinking co-produced with Maxime Graf
Mixed by Maxime Graf
Mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound

Front artwork by Gina Proenza,
photo by Geoffrey Cottenceau
Back portrait © the artist
Design by Jean-Claude Jaquettie

Special thanks to BÓK


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