And Time Can Do So Much

2018 - 2022

Ink on paper, velvet fabric

As If I'm Not There


Wool sock, audio, speaker

Melancholic sound piece on loop inside a sock.

1. Personal Disasters (homage to Louise Bourgeois)

2. Guilt Trip (homage to Louise Bourgeois)


Acrylic ink on canvas

Miu Miu & You


Acrylic ink on canvas

The Ecountless


Grey jeans, laptop

Video Installation. In this case further explanation would be unnecessary.

She Pans


Sheep wool

A pile of uncleaned wool is my homage to Pan, the goat god of the wild, rustic music and panic. Panning right to left, the sheep herds him, the god of sex, away from inappropriate lurings.

Songbird in Ballast

Cashmere wool and wood, two elements, beechwood, 66,6 x 66,6 x 66,6 cm, and pinewood 55,5 x 55,5 x 55,5 cm

A music composition braided in wool inside wooden cubes.


Sound piece for radio, 6min34

Two channels recording of a fly stuck in a windowsill interwoven with the artist's voice imitating the fly. Sound piece commissioned for the radioshow Revenir et dire ça : Pièces vocales / Vocal pieces on DUUU radio.


Le Tempo de Sunna

Sound-system, sound-card, laptop, effects, midi-keyboard, cables, socks

A music performance combining sound, socks, spoken word and voice manipulation at La Placette, Lausanne, at the opening of a show by Claire de Quénetain.

Vertical Passage

Velvet fabric, wood, chair, spotlight on a stand, speakers, sound recording, cables, sound-card and laptop.

"Visual art deceives the eye, flies on the other hand are a living decoration and also livelier than flowers; because flowers are dull in movement and silent. Even goldfish are silent but the housefly is the poor man’s Canary-bird, gifted with a singing voice that brings back memories to its guests."

Translated from the book ‘Kristnihald Undir Jökli’ by Halldór Laxness.

I Woke Up Sweating

Speakers, amplifier, cables, laptop, latex fabric, pillows, wood.

Made in collaboration with Charly Mirambeau, a wooden bed sculpture covered with latex and a 4 hours sound-piece for the duration of the entire opening. Two channels mix of found stock sounds on a Ravel’s Bolero-like structure, repeating itself but ever changing.

Help Me Pass The Time (Forest Ghost)

Polyester fabric, speakers, amplifier, wood, metal.

A recording of a tree in the Jorat forest in Vaud canton, captured with contact microphones. Two sculptures play the role of trees and their phantoms.

And Time Can Do So Much

Laptop, sound-system, fabric, projector, 2 channels sound, drawing.

A 30 minutes long video with sound running in front of a hanging fabric. The video is a one-shot of two goats in the countryside. They play with the camera out of pure curiosity and thus making the viewer unsure of who is watching who. The sound is made entirely out of voices that are tweaked and distorted.

Brain Malfunction

Household sheets, plastic, spotlights, water, cables, hooks.

The room is dark, the halogen lights help evaporate the water, it smells of detergent and plastic, and the air is moist. The water dripping from the rags echoes in the room and the plastic on the floor cracks when walked upon.

Live Debut

Plastic, digital visuals, paint, beamer, sound-system, microphone.

The first live performance of a solo music project in Herðubreið at the LungA Art Festival in Seyðisfjörður. A hanging piece of plastic was painted with white paint in irregular forms that served as a backdrop for live visuals.